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Use your PC webcam as a surveillance camera


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With AtHome Video Streamer and AtHome Camera, you can use an external or built-in webcam as a remote surveillance camera. You can watch the image in real time on your smartphone or tablet, and once you sync your account, it can work in either direction.

Once the program is installed on your PC, it will run in the background and can be used to both send and receive camera signals. This means you can use an external device to see what the computer camera is picking up just as you can use your computer to watch the same from smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, or other PCs that have the program installed.

You can sync your account easily using a QR code in case one of the access points is a smartphone. You can have several cameras active at the same time and manage them from the main menu. The best part is that you can also take screenshots, record parts of the footage, or even use a microphone to broadcast your voice on the other side.
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